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Teal and tan mood board with wallpaper, stone, paint and floor samples

Create Your Dream Floor

Three simple steps are all it takes to choose and design your perfect floor! Television personalities and custom home builders Brian & Mika Kleinschmidt walk through the process to create a simply beautiful floor you’ll love for a lifetime.


Sketch of a room floor plan with a number one beside it

Imagine your space

Something as simple as drawing a picture of your space will put you in a creative mindset.

Floor planks with a number two beside it

Gather design ideas

Take inspiration for our laying patterns guide to design your floor.

Gluedown, rigid core and loose lay format symbols with a number three beside it

Which format and color?

With more than 180+ colors across three formats, we're sure to have a floor that fits your design style.

Let's get started

Continue to Step 1: Imagine your space